Based on a company in the sector with EBITDA of 0 your business is 90% likely to be sold within these parameters, based on a set of reasonable assumptions:

Cash Free Debt Free Valuation Between 0 and 0

Note that any free cash in bank, and assets such as property may be added to this figure or taken out of the business when you exit

What do You Think of your Valuation?

Too Low

Too low? Let’s explore the possible reasons why, and give you some options:

1.) You may instinctively think that this figure is too low, and that is often the immediate reaction. However valuation methods applied are consistent around the world and based on deals completed, or

2.) You may have been given a valuation, possibly from a Sale Advisor. Recognise the motivations of any valuation before accepting it. We’d recommend asking them for details on how they reached the figure suggested, as it is rare that high valuations are realised. Or,

3.) You may want to explore how to increase the value of your company. If you are not in a hurry, then there are a number of steps you can take to make your business more fit for sale

About Right

About Right? Nice, the calculator is on point. Here are some thoughts:

1.) If you are ready to sell, then we have buyers who we can reach which will make offers in the ranges above, if it is one of our acquirers, you won’t pay any disposal fees and can have a ‘no obligations’ introduction, or

2.) If you would like to be marketed for sale, we can help you promote with lower costs and more transparency through the sale process, or

3.) If you have time on your hands, we can help you increase the value of your business and give you time to plan out your exit

Too High

Too high? We’re glad you’re surprised too. So what are your next steps:

1.) If you are ready to sell, then we have buyers who we will make offers in the ranges above. If one of our active acquirers, you won’t pay any disposal fees and can have a ‘no obligations’ introduction to them, or

2) If you would like us to circulate your business details privately to a broad network of business buyers, then we can provide this reach, with a low success fee only contingent on sale, or

3.) If you would like to consider your options, perhaps with time to prepare, or to choose how you are promoted, we offer the most flexible approach

Whatever your concerns, we’re here to help, simply call +44(0)333 050 8225 we can discuss this valuation and answer any questions you have relating to it. In the meantime you can browse a wide range of articles, full of industry knowledge, free of charge, to help you realise the best exit. 

Free Report: Prepare Your Business for Sale

If you have the time, the intent and the ability to improve your prospects, then we have the perfect industry report for you. 

With clear and simple guidelines on how you can get you and your business ‘sale ready’ to help you realise a more successful outcome.

Reasonable Assumptions in this Calculator

The above valuation is a guide, based on the figures you supplied, yielding the right range for your company. To make it as usable as possible, we have made these assumptions:

  • The financials you have provided are not too volatile year on year
  • Your current year of trading is also comparable to previous years (within +/- 10% or you gave a three year average on your EBITDA)
  • That you have included appropriate adjustments in your calculations
  • That the NAV figure given represents a fair reflection of your Asset value and includes all debt and borrowing
  • You have no outstanding legal issues or injunctions
  • That there are no external factors which will dramatically change your sector or region of operation

If you believe there are mitigating circumstances, or reasons why your company may be worth more than we have outlined above, then we’d love to hear from you and have the right to reply to any challenges you make. Just call a Consultant on +44 (0)333 050 8225


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