To find the perfect business, you need the greatest reach

Acquiring a business is a numbers game. The more you approach, the more options you have, and the greater the chances of a successful outcome both in price and fit. 

Our data demonstrates that for about 200 profiled opportunities you will successfully acquire one business. This can vary depending on your specific situation, but without choice, projects tend to stall or fail.

With both on and off market searching, using approximately 15 different data sources, with detailed profiling of target businesses, we identify the best targets for our clients. No stone is left unturned in our search.

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Detailed acquisition evaluation

Once it gets past the first conversations, you need to scrutinise at least 20 opportunities to find ‘the right one’.

We help our clients narrow down their prospects and identify the best fits. Most businesses look attractive from the outside, but there are always concerns and risks. We help you look under the surface, evaluate synergies, assess staff and identify any problems. We can help you view your acquisition targets from every angle.

Our experienced team is on hand to advise you every step of the way, whether this is your first or fiftieth company purchase.

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Entering into negotiations with several serious acquisition opportunities means you are in the driving seat.

It’s difficult to walk away if you’re only negotiating with one party. Do you start all over again? Or end up going with what’s in front of you despite concerns. It’s a place many end up in the endgame.

To be able to say ‘no’ with confidence, means you need to have alternatives. Having a number of options allows you to act smart and remain in control of the process.

We help clients complete their business acquisition well, on the right terms, and for the right price.


I found it much easier to get my head around a business sale this way than talking to my accountant. You speak a language I understand! Even though the whole process of selling seems daunting, I’ve got more confidence that I’m heading in the right direction.
T Boothe

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