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Our uniquely independent position makes us well placed to advise company owners on their exit plans. We can guide you in making informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right sale advisor.

All sale advisors, when approached, will aim to sell any business if given the instruction to do so. Yet most have specialisations: whether sector, region, types of sale, or overall enterprise value. They also have a wide range of fee structures.

We have detailed confidential market information on most of the sale advisors and brokers operating in the UK marketplace. This knowledge enables us to offer impartial advice and guidance to business owners mapping out the sale of their company.

Given the opportunity to do so, we can compare your business with our data, and find the best fit for your company, whilst also advising you on a specific exit strategy to suit your circumstances.

There are 400 Advisors: Will You Choose the Right One?

It is too easy to commit to a long-term exclusive contract without arriving at an informed decision. By comparing business brokers and sale advisors, you can have answers to questions like these:

  • What experience do they have in selling my similar companies to mine?
  • What will be my time commitment in the process?
  • What specific activities will they perform to improve my chances of a sale?
  • How can I trust them to do a good job for me?
  • How much should I be paying them?
  • Are there any companies I should avoid?

There are many more options than you think, not just in terms of sale advisors, but also approaches to business exit. If you are already speaking to a broker, it is likely we know more about them and their track record than you currently do.

Hundreds of business owners have realised a better path to sale by talking to Firm Gains. Every business needs a good fit: a sale advisor who is trustworthy, respectable and has relevant experience in the business sale marketplace.

So contact us, it’ll only take up a little of your time, but it may be the best decision you make in devising your exit plans.


  • Your business must be UK registered
  • Your business must be established for more than three years
  • Your business must be trading profitably
  • Your business must have an EBITDA > £200k
  • Your must be the majority shareholder in the business, or have agreement from the majority of shareholders to proceed

If you are interested in exploring this, or have any questions, then please call
0333 050 8225 and speak to the team, or contact us.


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