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Anyone can provide a valuation for a business, but few company valuations are impartial or can be trusted. Advisors and Agents inflate valuations to seal signatures, Accountants can often miss intangibles and tend to be conservative. Acquirers will always try to achieve the best price they can.

Not all valuations are the same, either. For example ‘cash free, debt free‘ is not the same as an offer that includes assets. Also, the amount paid upfront, the timing of milestone payments, and restrictions on earn-outs can often complicate offers too.

Enter your financials below and receive a free valuation based on the financials you have supplied to us. It can either be used to compare with a valuation you have already received or to give you a ‘first pass’ on what your business may be worth, should it be sold.

How do we Calculate Company Valuations?

We have collated actual data on completed deals across all sectors in the last 12 months and reverse-engineered multipliers and weighting. This gives a 90% confidence range for your company for the full disposal price.

The results will give a fair range within which your business should be sold, taking into account your sector, profitability, assets and overall enterprise size.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but unless there is a significant or compelling reason that makes your copmany uniquely different, your business will be sold somewhere between the upper and lower limit.

So, unless you have a unique patent or IP, high year on year growth, outstanding profitability, or a particularly attractive sub-sector – any valuation outside of these boundaries is unlikely to be realised.

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    Valuation Details

    Sales turnover for the last completed tax year.

    The net profit earned from your normal business operations, after direct and operating expenses have been taken into account.

    The reduction in capital (value) of your business assets over the last year.

    These are significant assets, which owned by your business and would transfer in the event of a sale.

    What you may have borrowed from a bank or financial institution, which may be due on the sale, or transferred to your business.

    Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation. See our helpful download report on how to calculate this for yourself.

    The assets(minus debts) which you would sell or transfer to the new owners of your business

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