Preparing Your
Business Disposal

We work closely with you to build out a profile for your company that presents you and your company most compellingly. We bring together the numbers that make up your company as well as projecting the future. We work with you to build the stories on which your business was founded, and prepare you for the journey ahead.

We have access to six different business and market data sources covering a wide range of countries and territories. With this we can build out a list of the most likely acquirers of your company, local and international.

We prepare your online dashboard to track all of this activity, so you can see all the companies we have reached for you, how they have progressed and where the interest is.

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Planning Your Going
to Market Plan

Whilst working on your preparation, we will already have started the process of building the marketing plan. We will have your anonymised proposal ready for distribution, so that we can ignite interest from our network of buyers and partners as well as to post very carefully online.

We will have reviewed all your business information and understood exactly what sets your company apart. We will have identified your strengths and weaknesses, and exactly what your buyers will be interested in.

We will map out the process of going to market and which channels, buyers and regions will be most interested in your enterprise.

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Synchronising the
Out reach

Once we jointly agree we’re ready to market, then we launch your business on market through the full range of channels at our disposal. Ensuring that interest raised at the same time from different buyers in different channels. We qualify all interest, ensuring that the buyers we take forward are credible, have a good strategy, fit with your exit plans and are realistic in terms of expectations.

We balance off early interest with late entrants to ensure that all serious buyers are in play at the same time. Helping to not only deliver the best offer, but also ensure that we have, as far as possible, left no stone unturned in helping you realise the best outcome.

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Negotiating Offers,
Realising Value

As buyers come forward, we ensure that all offers are reviewed and considered carefully. We will help you understand the different types of offers so that you can accurately compare and contrast what is on the table for you.

It’s very rare that the early offers represent the best value for you. Sometimes the largest offer is the most risky or has more strings attached. Often the first offer is just a guide and there’s more scope to negotiate upwards.

We’re here to get you the best overall deal to fit in with your plans.

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Proactive Disposal
Proactive Disposal
Proactive Disposal
Proactive Disposal


Whether you are patient and want to realise the best value, or you have a target disposal date you’d like us to hit, were here to ensure you have continuing momentum.

We recognise that the more we drive and manage the process, the more likely the right buyer will make you an offer you’re willing to accept.

Our expected timing should get you offers within six months, and completion within ten months.

Proactive Disposal


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Our focus on technology and modern communications sets us apart.
Borders and languages aren't boundaries for the way we operate.
Our methods are successful whether helping a company sell within a small region, cross-border, or even cross-continent.

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