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Sell Your Business Direct to Buyers

For any business owner who wants more oversight and control of the disposal process, we have the perfect solution for you. We have assembled the most effective route to selling your business where you are in full control of the visibility, activities, and have full oversight over our work for you.

This process is perfectly suited to the self-starter who wants to drive the process, or those with competent advisors who can work closely with them.

Better still we can turn this around extremely quickly. You could be meeting buyers within a few weeks of the process starting. And you could sell your business without fees.

Here’s how it works.

Free Business Sellers’ Toolkit

We will give you the chance to be as prepared as possible for the journey ahead. Not just to sell your company, but also to understand what the disposal process will look like.

Therefore every client who signs up with Firm Gains will get a comprehensive toolkit from us. This contains a range of hugely important documents we have assembled for you including:

  • Preparing for Sale – a detailed breakdown of what you can do in the next weeks and months to be as ready as possible for acquisition conversations
  • Marketing Materials – templates and examples for an anonymised profile as teaser information for your company, an Information Memorandum, to present your company to acquirers and their advisors, and a two-way NDA to keep it all confidential
  • Business Valuation Guide – Helping you to answer the key question of how much your business is worth. Predicting what the normal range of offers will be for your company and showing how it is generally calculated?
  • Negotiation Tips – some of the most important considerations in the negotiation process and how you can realise the best result
  • Heads of Terms – a template you can adapt for the Heads of Terms agreement with a potential acquirer
  • Due Diligence Checklist – a list of all the key information you will be asked for by acquirers, and timing of supply

With these items you will be well equipped for every and any eventuality.

Free Distribution to Over 3,000 Active Business Acquirers

We have a wide range of acquirers who regularly receive details of businesses for sale from us. Some of them are our clients or are engaged through our wider network of partner firms.

All buyers have been carefully screened. We ensure they have the capabilities to make good offers for profitable companies. So they will not be time-wasters. Given there are a mix of corporate, trade, institutional, and high net worth buyers, any business with an EBITDA of over £500k will generate considerable interest.

Zero or Low Business Sale Fees

If you just want to circulate your business details to our acquirers, then you will have no fees to pay unless we find you a buyer and you complete the sale of your company. It really is a zero-risk route to sale.

The success fee for selling structure is simple and much lower than most business brokers: just £20,000+1% of the transaction fee.

Better still, if the buyer is one of our current clients, then we will waive the sale fees completely.

Optional: Online Advertising & Qualification

To cast the net wider, many businesses are also advertised on sale websites. This can often find a much greater number of enquiries, but they need to be treated with a bit more caution. Many are looking for bargains, or do not have the resources available they claim to. So we can help you with this if you want an additional boost of interest.

For an online advertising campaign, we charge a one-off fee of £1,000 to run this for you for six months.

For this, we will work with you on your profile, place your business anonymously on all the key business sale websites, and qualify all inbound interest for you.

Optional: Trade Buyer Campaign

For most companies, your most likely buyer is a competitor or larger trade buyer in your sector. They are more likely to give you the highest sale price and offer the most flexible exit terms.

Our research team will be able to review and identify all the most likely national and international business buyers and perform a full trade buyer campaign – reaching them and engaging the decision-makers within those companies.

If you enquire, we can explain this campaign in more detail, and project what the scope of work will be. Fees vary depending on number of companies, but a normal campaign with about 50-100 target buyers costs £4,500 for a six month outreach campaign.

What are you waiting for? If you would like to discuss the above in more detail, then please call 0333 050 8225 or contact us to find out more.

Flexible fees mean you control the path of your exit plan

Sellers' Toolkit

Direct to Market

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  • Your business must be UK registered
  • Your business must be established for more than three years
  • Your business must be trading profitably
  • Your business must have an EBITDA > £300k
  • Your must be the majority shareholder in the business, or have agreement from the majority of shareholders to proceed

If you are interested in exploring this, or have any questions, then please call
0333 050 8225 and speak to the team, or Contact Us.


Your Other Options:

We have also prepared a useful comparison of the three sales choices you have on Firm Gains so you can compare and contrast.
Note that it is possible to start on one, and move from Off Market to Turnkey and the Full Service should you choose to do so.

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