Understand Precisely What an Advisor is Offering

Business sale advisors are very adept at convincing potential sellers to sign up by telling them what they want to hear. This can give sellers unrealistic expectations, ultimately frustrating buyers, leading to no end product.

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Why Do So Many Company Purchases Fail?

Unfortunately, business acquisitions fail at incredible rates of around 70%, negatively affecting both the buying and selling companies involved.

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Increase Your Chances of Company Sale Success

Selling your business is one of the most important transactions of your life – and it’s essential that you get it right.

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Over 80% of On Market Business Don’t Sell, We Explain Why

Selling a small business, or even a larger and well-established one for that matter, can be the dream of an entrepreneur who has built up their firm from scratch and is now looking to realise their asset. This is often the case when a business owner is reaching retirement age, for instance.

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Make Sure You Value Your Most Precious Resource

Time is the hidden cost when selling your business Business owners are time poor, often working over 50 hours a week to keep business growing and running smoothly. So when it comes to the day that you decide to sell your business, is it possible to find the extra time needed to do it yourself? […]

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Don’t Sell Yet!

Seven Reasons To Wait Before Selling Your Company For many modern entrepreneurs, the end goal of starting a successful company is to sell it – once it has reached a certain level of profitability. For those who started a company for other reasons, selling may be for a myriad of other reasons. Regardless of the […]

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Combine Your Business Sale Visions

How Can Joint Owners Sell a Company Successfully? Selling a business as a going concern can be complex enough for sole owners and require the skill set of a professional to help you get through the entire process. However, when the company has more than one owner, the business of selling it can be even […]

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They’re More Like Estate Agents Than You Think

Should You Hire a Business Broker? We know. Some estate agents have a bad reputation. And a few deserve it. But, most of the time, they perform a useful purpose and deliver a better result than a house owner could achieve on their own. Let’s look at some of the reasons why and how this compares […]

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Ready to Exit Your Company?

Are You Prepared for Your Business Sale? The process of selling a business normally starts with you: no, not the business, you! Your ambitions, your plans, your aims and your future are the most important drivers of the process. Mistakes can happen even before you start the actual process. Consider carefully these five critical issues […]

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The Key Questions You Should Ask of Any Business Broker or Advisor

7 Questions to Ask Every Vendor Advisor or Business Broker Once you have made the difficult decision to sell your company, the last thing you want to do is become bogged down in the complications of the actual business sales process itself. Business brokers help owners (sellers) and future owners (buyers) work through the business […]

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