It’s Too Easy to Believe the Largest Quote

Business valuation consists of a number of both quantitative and qualitative factors. However, ultimately it is a subjective decision. You can put any price you want on a business, but will it sell?

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Don’t Be Your Worst Enemy…

If you are actively looking to sell your business there are three main ways in which you can inadvertently discourage potential buyers. We tackle how you address these issues

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Is The Sector Your Company Occupies in Demand?

What are the Most Attractive Sectors for Business Valuation and Company Sale? Under any economic conditions, some sectors will see businesses that are quicker to sell than others. Of course, a business sector that is seeing universal decline will often not attract sufficient people who have the capital and taste for investment risk that will […]

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Ready to Exit Your Company?

Are You Prepared for Your Business Sale? The process of selling a business normally starts with you: no, not the business, you! Your ambitions, your plans, your aims and your future are the most important drivers of the process. Mistakes can happen even before you start the actual process. Consider carefully these five critical issues […]

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The Most Used Business Valuation Methods Explained

The Main 3 Valuation Methods for Company Sales Building a business takes a significant investment of your time, energy, and passion to be successful. If you have planned your company well and had a bit of luck in the market, your company will reap monetary benefits that will sustain you for both the present and […]

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What Could Brexit Mean For Owners and Entrepreneurs?

The Potential Effect of Brexit on Selling a Business Given all the uncertainty, leadership contests, exchange rate volatility and grim economic announcements, the last two weeks have certainly sent a shudder through the world’s economies. Having been led to believe by many experienced economists and corporate business leaders that Brexit would lead to an immediate negative […]

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Ask For Our Exclusive Report, Today

9 Ways to Increase Your Business Value So, you want to sell your company. You want to sell it for the maximum amount possible, and if that could be achieved in the shortest time as well then that would be a bonus. The Key That People Miss You might be surprised, however, to learn that […]

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What If Your Company Has No Long Term Committed Income?

Can you sell a business made entirely of goodwill? Do you own a business without any major assets such as property or significant machinery? Some business owners worry that without large assets, they will find it difficult to sell business goodwill. This isn’t true. In fact, almost all businesses are sold on the basis of […]

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Welcome to the Valuation Game

Why Sale Advisors Hike the Asking Price When it comes to valuing a business, a good number of buyers and sellers can find themselves confused. This is partly because people value businesses in differing ways. These approaches sometimes throw up very different figures even though they are all respected methods! Differing valuations can often be […]

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You Can Realise More Value Than You Think

How to Increase the Sale Price of Your Company Right, so you’ve decided to sell or are considering selling your business; this is an important decision you’ve made. But have you done your homework so as to get the most valuation and highest possible price for your company? Proper preparation, they say, prevents poor performance. […]

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