Understand Precisely What an Advisor is Offering

Business sale advisors are very adept at convincing potential sellers to sign up by telling them what they want to hear. This can give sellers unrealistic expectations, ultimately frustrating buyers, leading to no end product.

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You Never Know Your Best Offer

Given that a very high proportion of businesses fail to achieve a
successful sale, business owners might be tempted to buck the trend by accepting any offer that comes in. However…

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Make Yourself Dispensable, Here’s How

We regularly receive calls from someone looking to sell their business who emphasise their importance to the company. We regularly hear phrases like “All my clients love me and know me by my first name”, and…

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Why Do So Many Company Purchases Fail?

Unfortunately, business acquisitions fail at incredible rates of around 70%, negatively affecting both the buying and selling companies involved.

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Increase Your Chances of Company Sale Success

Selling your business is one of the most important transactions of your life – and it’s essential that you get it right.

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Don’t Be Your Worst Enemy…

If you are actively looking to sell your business there are three main ways in which you can inadvertently discourage potential buyers. We tackle how you address these issues

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Over 80% of On Market Business Don’t Sell, We Explain Why

Selling a small business, or even a larger and well-established one for that matter, can be the dream of an entrepreneur who has built up their firm from scratch and is now looking to realise their asset. This is often the case when a business owner is reaching retirement age, for instance.

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Is The Sector Your Company Occupies in Demand?

What are the Most Attractive Sectors for Business Valuation and Company Sale? Under any economic conditions, some sectors will see businesses that are quicker to sell than others. Of course, a business sector that is seeing universal decline will often not attract sufficient people who have the capital and taste for investment risk that will […]

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You Need Time to Manage Your Sale

Diarise Your Sale, Realise a Better Exit Strategy The main effect of selling your business will be the additional load on your time. It is unavoidable, even with help from professional services firms and business sale advisors. You will be needed for conference calls, meetings, discussions and external appointments, much of which will need to be […]

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Have You Got What it Takes?

The Top 4 Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs Being an entrepreneur is at once one of the most challenging and rewarding paths a person can take. Owning and managing a company is extremely complicated, consuming the majority of a person’s time and energy, yet for some, provides a sense of accomplishment and success that little […]

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