How Profit and Assets are Considered When Selling a Company

Goodwill and Asset Considerations When Selling a Business Potential buyers of your business will need to understand what sort of opportunity they are receiving by investing in it. Most businesses have a combination of assets, the primary capital consideration, as well as cashflow, the income element. Some businesses are more heavily weighted in one direction […]

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Make Sure Your Sale is Fully Covered

If You’re Selling Your Company, You Need an NDA! When it comes to selling your company, you need to ensure that your personal and business information remains confidential and does not get into the public domain. If it does, then there are several potential problems with this from staff becoming aware of the business sale […]

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It Can Take More Time Than you Think!

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business? Given that it is not really a seller’s market at the moment – and rarely is – the amount of time you need to set aside before being able to sell it may be longer than you might want. Having said that, some businesses can find […]

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The Different Ways Goodwill and NAV Affect Valuation

How Goodwill and NAV Affect Company Valuation and Sales There are two key elements which make up the valuation of any business: the Goodwill and the Net Asset Value (NAV). Each of these needs full consideration to ensure that the right offer price is reached for a company. The more conservative buyer may look more for […]

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You Can Reduce Fees and Risk, Here’s How

How to Reduce the Cost of Selling Your Business Selling a business is frequently a highly personal process. Yes, this can come down to the fact that it marks a significant life change for some sellers, for example for those who will retire or be considerably wealthier as a result of their sale. But it […]

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Making it a Clean Break

Tips on Exiting Your Business Well You’ve come to the end of the sale process and the business has now been handed over to the new owner. It can be a strange feeling, not being intimately involved in something that, over the years, has been such an integral part of your life. Many people look […]

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What Should You do When it’s Time to Move On?

Every Business Owner Needs an Exit Strategy Your hard work and determination have created a successful business, which you are rightly proud of. Your success has given you financial security but now you instinctively know that you need to step back. If you wish to realise the full value of your business you need to […]

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Defeat Due Diligence Disasters

Business Sale Due Diligence – Make Sure You Have the Right Team in Place Before completion, a buyer will carry out due diligence. This is a verification exercise of your company. Its purpose is to ensure that all the information you have provided checks out and the buyer can be reassured that the business they […]

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Does a sale advisor need sector experience?

Will You Benefit from a Business Broker with Relevant Sector Experience? Business owners often hear the old adage that s business broker needs to have specific sector experience in order to be fully effective when it comes to selling your business for the highest price. For some reason this advice is commonly given to businesses […]

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Is your Company Saleable?

Is Your Company an Attractive Business Sale Prospect? Your company will have qualities that some potential buyers will find attractive. But if you ignore its shortcomings you may find it difficult to achieve a successful sale, despite its merits. Failing to address shortcomings before launching the sale process is a grave error and the later […]

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