Before You Engage, Be Better Informed

10 Questions to Ask a Business Sale Advisor When it comes to engaging a sale advisor, it is crucial that you are ready for that conversation or meeting. Most are very engaging, articulate and presentable so it is very easy to return satisfied and confident in their abilities. Only then to discover that you didn’t […]

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The Best of Both Worlds? It’s Possible

Realise the Best Outcome When Selling Your Business Are you considering making the significant decision to sell your business? If you’re worried about the potential outcomes, you are not alone. Many owners are kept awake with the sheer range of possible eventualities and pitfalls as they choose to sell their business. Normally, the concerns are […]

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What If Your Company Has No Long Term Committed Income?

Can you sell a business made entirely of goodwill? Do you own a business without any major assets such as property or significant machinery? Some business owners worry that without large assets, they will find it difficult to sell business goodwill. This isn’t true. In fact, almost all businesses are sold on the basis of […]

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Welcome to the Valuation Game

Why Sale Advisors Hike the Asking Price When it comes to valuing a business, a good number of buyers and sellers can find themselves confused. This is partly because people value businesses in differing ways. These approaches sometimes throw up very different figures even though they are all respected methods! Differing valuations can often be […]

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Plan Your Future, It’s Better That Way

Life Beyond the Business Sale The sale of your business is going ahead and the one thing you can be sure of is that the future is going to change, significantly. What are your plans? Here are some ideas to think about. Start all over again It may seem strange but many owners look to […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Plans

Plan Your Future Beyond Your Business For you and many other businesses owners ‘life on the other side’ will be very different. The pressures of being solely responsible for a business, its staff, its products, its service, its finances and, ultimately, its success will be suddenly lifted. But whilst this may well be a relief, […]

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If You Aim to Win, You’ll End up Losing

Negotiating a Business Sale or Acquisition? Successful business people and entrepreneurs are winners. There are few who have succeeded without the key skills of determination, financial acumen and the ability to drive a hard bargain. Therefore, many people who chose to sell their business can apply some fairly strenuous techniques in order to drive up […]

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Now You’ve Realised Your Exit, Make it Count

Making the Sale Proceeds Work for You Congratulations on the sale of your business! The future is in your hands and you now have a nice lump sum sitting in your bank account. So, have you considered how you are going to use it? Many business owners who have sold up experience a dramatic change, […]

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Small Can Be Beautiful, to the Right Buyer

Is My Business Too Small To Sell? In short, no, any business of any size can sell, but becomes a hard task the smaller you are. We receive calls from a wide variety of businesses both in terms of size and sector, all of whom need help, in one way or another, whether that be […]

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You Can Realise More Value Than You Think

How to Increase the Sale Price of Your Company Right, so you’ve decided to sell or are considering selling your business; this is an important decision you’ve made. But have you done your homework so as to get the most valuation and highest possible price for your company? Proper preparation, they say, prevents poor performance. […]

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